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Case Study Cemo Business

We have had the pleasure of working with Cemo Business for just over a year now and the project has been a great experience. They are a business broker based in St. Petersburg, FL. The project itself has utilized our complete spectrum of services and is the best representation of what are capable of as a company.


This project was nearly a blank canvas when we started. Prior to our involvement, Cemo Business had a website only, which we redesigned. The main task at hand was to attract business owners looking to sell their company. The business broker industry is historically inconsistent, requiring us to test different marketing strategies during the initial phase.

We have really tried to modernize the marketing approach for this industry by focusing on web design and search engine optimization as a way of generating inbound leads.


This combined with our strategic direct mail and cold outreach campaigns has really served to be a game changer for the potential pipeline value of the company. We have successfully built significant separation between CBS and their competitors.


Quality Leads

Project Spotlight

We have increased the average listing values, which is resulting in a large increase in actual and potential revenue. The industry standard commission for business brokers is 10%, so it is easy to see our tangible value to Cemo Business.

The Results
a complete sales system

This project has developed and grown over the past year into what has now become a complete sales system.

1. Marketing

We have branded the business and worked to slowly build a local following in Tampa Bay.

2. SEO

Increased traffic and attention through strategically ranking within Google.

3 . Lead Gen

Bring in potential clients through outreach and realtionship building within the community.

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